MAGIDO, with its washing systems installed around the world, has built its success on international markets thanks to the quality and efficiency of its pre and after-sales services. It's something that end users have always appreciated in the company and that has contributed to the spread of its products and the consolidation of its evolved industrial partner image in the international markets. End-users are aware that MAGIDO is a service-oriented company, and services are increasingly the strategic key element for competing in every manufacturing industry. MAGIDO offers a wide range of high value-added services for the proper use of its machines and systems.


With over 40 years experience and expertise, MAGIDO expresses its full potential by working closely with its customers, to analyse and consequently define, in the preliminary draft, the solution that best responds to the actual washing requirements for the different types of job and for their complementary activities.


MAGIDO is able to define the most effective customised solution for its customer, right up to the "turnkey" construction of the system, together with the study of the most efficient technological cycle to apply, and the equipment and tools needed to fully meet the specific production requirements.


Through an exclusive network of distributors, MAGIDO provides its customers with all types of services related to assistance during the warranty period, but also after this period, through planned maintenance services, thus ensuring reliability, availability and costs, already agreed upon when purchasing, throughout the whole working life of the machines. This requires the ability of MAGIDO to assist and support their products and systems with highly specialised technical personnel who can respond with expertise to the specific needs of its customers, with swift and efficient after-sales service interventions.


MAGIDO guarantees the availability of original spare parts and the speed of their delivery times in order to minimise the production inefficiencies of the machines and equipment installed at the customer's premises. The high quality of MAGIDO original spare parts is guaranteed thanks to the quality controls, carried out directly at the manufacturer's production departments.